Age: 34

Status: Married and pregnant with our first child

Favourite colour: Blue

Describe your body type and what you look for in a piece of clothing: I would classify myself as an ‘apple’, probably the worst type to be! I look for something that hides my arms, but isn’t a total sack and gives me some shape.

Favourite bargain store/brand: I can’t go past Target, the quality of the clothes is great and that is where I source most of my workwear from. I also like Glassons and Kmart.

Favourite splurge store/brand: I love love love Seed Heritage and my all time favourite splurge is from an online store called Mister Zimi. For accessories I love an online brand called Belle Frankie + Co, which has divine necklaces. I also love Lady Chatterley’s Affair for all things accessories, she does the cutest earrings and necklaces!

Favourite online store: Too many to choose from! I am currently loving Feather & Noise, but I also buy a lot from Shabby Sisters, Frankie & Co and Mister Zimi.

Favourite place to go shopping: I am a lover of online shopping, but I often love a sneaky after work shopping dash to the local Indooroopilly Shopping Centre. I also love hunting for bargains at Trade Secret Fortitude Valley.

Current favourite item: A Mister Zimi maxi dress that I have lived in all Summer!

Clothes, shoes, accessories or makeup? Accessories…..and shoes, I love shoes.

Describe your style in 3 words: Bright, versatile, wearable

What would you be doing if you weren’t a teacher? My dream job would be a shoe buyer! I am a size 7 so I fit into most sample sizes!

Best piece of style advice for teachers: Practicality is key! If you teach Early Childhood like I do you need to be comfortable and able to move around. Also just because you work with children, doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate how you dress! My students love commenting on a necklace I wear or new shoes I buy. Some have been known to make requests for my outfit choices!

Best bargain hunter tip: Don’t buy for the sake of a bargain. I have learned after throwing out/giving away many clothes with tags still on them, that just because it was on sale doesn’t mean you NEED it! I always like to buy items that I know would work with what I already have.

What do you like to do in your spare time? I love to go out to dinner and try new restaurants. I also love hosting people at my house! I also love a good pedicure!

Favourite food or restaurant: I looooove Nantucket at Indooroopilly. But if we are looking for something cheap and cheerful, can’t go past Singh’s at Rosalie, it’s an all time favourite of ours.

Currently watching: The new season of Vikings…. buff men who wear no shirts, riveting viewing. My guilty pleasure at the moment is Real Housewives of Melbourne. Those ladies are fabulous….but they be cray!

Five fun facts about you:

  1. I love animals! We have an Alaskan Malamute and 5 chickens, but my dream is to live on small acreage and have cows and horses! My 2 favourite chickens are a black fluffy one named Tupac and her golden off-sider Biggie Smalls, they are inseparable and hilarious to watch.
  2. I love homewares and changing the interior of our house. Pair that with my love of bargains and I’m often hunting down pieces until I find exactly what I want. Many a time I have dragged my poor teaching partner around Kmart searching for a vase or particular knick-knack.
  3. I hate seafood. People think I’m a freak for this fact, but it literally makes me gag thinking about eating a prawn.
  4. I’m a clean freak. I am also as I like to call it a ‘Doomsday Prepper’, I have anything you could ever need in my handbag/office. People who know me well know what I carry in my bag; bandaids, tissues, panadol, hand sanitiser, pens….snacks.
  5. I’m pregnant with my first child and am quietly terrified! Parenting is very different from teaching, I don’t think a baby will abide by  a behaviour chart, do you?!